1. Cost saving, low cost advertising platform
    With one price, it can be promoted on major electronic platforms, reducing costs and maximizing benefits.
  2. Multifunctional publicity platform
    In addition to traditional website promotion, Codesignx will provide platforms such as Facebook, IG, LinkedIn and Google for promotion, so as to effectively push your advertisement to potential customers.
  3. Increase exposure 
    Push your advertisements according to the user's online habits, Codesignx push accurate information to your potential customers for achieving your potential customers actively.

e-Marketing Process


Meeting with clients

Introduce our company's services, and communicate with clients about the TVP for understanding their needs and wants by face-to-face meetings


Sign contracts

Sign business contracts after confirmation of clients’ requirements



The Codesignx team will promote your advertisements to platforms, such as Facebook, IG, LinkedIn and Google


Complete the contract

Complete the contract and analyze the overall advertising effectiveness, including age group, gender and interest, for making reports