Mobile Application Development

In the era when everyone has their own mobile phone, mobile application is one of the most important way to help you for building up online business. Mobile application is not limited to industries, and promote business sales, such as industries about catering, retail and e-commerce, education, and event management. Codesignx mobile application customization service can base on what you want and what you need to design your own mobile application.

  1. Customized mobile application
    Codesignx provides customized mobile application to you on building up your offline to online (O2O) business for increasing exposure and sales.

  2. Experienced professionals
    The Codesignx team are professionals who can share experience with you on customizing the perfect mobile applications.

  3. The latest technology and service
    Codesignx develops mobile application for fulfilling your needs and wants with applying the latest development technology.


Flutter is an open source mobile application software development kit developed by Google for developing applications for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux Desktop, Google Fuchsia

Mobile Application Development


Meeting with clients

Introduce our company's services and past reference examples, and communicate with clients for understanding their needs and wants by face-to-face meetings


Sign contracts

Sign business contracts after confirmation of clients’ requirements


Confirmation of the development content and design

Codesignx development team will consolidate the comments by clients to make final revision


Kick start the mobile application development project

Codesignx development team will start the design according to customer requirements


Mobile application developing and programming

Once clients confirmed final designs, Codesignx development team will start on mobile application developing and programming



After completing the developing and programming, clients can try and test the functions of mobile application on user experience


Mobile application release and launch

After functions of the mobile application are confirmed, Codesignx can help you to release and launch to two App platforms (App Store & Google Play)