Online store may help you to transfer your offline business to online for adding diversity to business and providing multiple promotion channels. Codesignx e-Commerce services can help you setting up your online store to increase sales channels with SEO function. Then, it will help delivering your products and services to your target customer groups, which increase sales hit rate and turnover. Furthermore, online store can be managed easily by a few simple steps to push your sale items on the shelves. Also, Codesignx e-Commerce services provides discount management, member management, product marketing strategy management and so on to meet your needs and wants in all aspects.

e-Commerce Process


Meeting with clients

Introduce our company's services and past reference examples, and communicate with clients for understanding their needs and wants by face-to-face meetings


Sign contracts

Sign business contracts after confirmation of clients’ requirements


Kick start the application development project

Codesignx development team will start the design according to customer requirements


Confirmation of the development content and design

Codesignx development team will consolidate the comments by clients to make final revision


Application developing and programming

Once clients confirmed final designs, Codesignx development team will start on application developing and programming



After completing the developing and programming, clients can try and test the functions of mobile application on user experience


Application release and launch

After functions of the application are confirmed, Codesignx can help you to release and launch

E-Commerce Pricing

Basic E-Commerce


  • Built with Laravel and Codesignx Engine
  • Page management
  • Category management
  • Collection management
  • Product management
  • Order management
  • User Management
  • Payment method management
  • Delivery method management
  • Layout design

Pro E-Commerce


  • Includes basic e-Commerce functions
  • Product attribute management
  • Voucher management

Customized E-Commerce


  • Includes Pro eCommerce functions
  • Website design
  • Graphic design