For who is still in traditional processing on your companies' business, do you have ever consider upgrading and improving your business production efficiency? Although yes, there is another problem on financial? Choose Codesignx. We can provide one-stop professional application service to you for government funding consulting. The Codesignx team has experienced professionals who are responsible for assisting in the application of "Technology Voucher Programme" (TVP).


Funding Covered Programs: 

  • Management System (ERP)
  • Retail Management System (POS)
  • Online Shop
  • Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)
  • Mobile Application
  • Reservation System


About Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)

Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) provides financial support for small and medium-sized enterprises to upgrade, transform or increase their companies’ productivity through the use of technological services or solutions. By applying TVP, the funding ratio from government can reaches to 75% with a maximum funding limit of HK$600,000.


  1. The company shall be established for more than three months
  2. With substantive business operation in Hong Kong (E.g. Quotations or Invoices)
  3. With a company bank account in Hong Kong
  4. Not a listed company in Hong Kong, and not a government subvented organisation or subsidiary of any government subvented organisation

TVP Process


Meeting with clients

Introduce our company's services, and communicate with clients about the TVP for understanding their needs and wants by face-to-face meetings


Sign contracts

Sign business contracts after confirmation of clients’ requirements


Prepare application documents

Remind clients to prepare all required documents, and ensure that all documents are completed to avoid delay or rejection of application


Submit application

We will submit the applications on the TVP website for clients, and keep monitoring the status of application


Application approved and sign the funding agreement

After the application is approved by the Hong Kong Productivity Council, it will arrange clients for the contract signing to start the TVP project. If clients would like to start the project in advance, you may communicate with Codesignx with submitting a commitment and statement to the Innovation and Technology Commission to start the projects earlier.


Funding approved

With the approval by the Innovation and Technology Commission, TVP funding will be deposited into clients' designated bank account of the application between 6 and 8 weeks


Kick start the Technology Voucher Project

After signed the contract, we will kick start the development of the TVP project, and complete it within the specified period for submitting it to the Innovation and Technology Commission


Submit final report and audit report

Provide the final report and audit report to the Innovation and Technology Commission according to the clients' needs for further approval


Complete the service

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